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By the Mighty Mumford

I know it sounds sexist to you,

But a competent waitress who’s cute…

Makes my day

Like no other way,

By a bigger tip I salute.

Of course you know the mention,

That cuter folks get more attention…

Research proved

This bias was used,

Unconsciously guides our intentions!

Most guys in their personal care,

Prefer help by females there…

Cuter the better

But character vetters,

Weigh in like with an eaupair!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Day 1635: Whatever it is, love it.

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Whatever my daily blogging topic is, I love it.

Whatever my emotion is, I love it.

Whatever the day brings, I love it.

Whatever people say to me, I love it.

Whatever I see, I love it.



Whatever irony there is, I love it.

Whatever I hear, I’m perfectly free to love it.

Whatever you think about this post, I love it.

Whatever gratitude I express to those who help me blog daily and — of course! — to you, my readers, I hope you love it.


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Interview with Stephen Page by Garrett Dennert of Orson’s Publishing

Stephen Page

We (Orson’s Publishing) Had a wonderful time chatting with author Stephen Page about his latest book, A Ranch Bordering the Salty River.
Interview by Garrett Dennert @gdennert

OP: What’s your writing process like? What about your revision process?
SP: My writing process depends mostly upon the upon the genre, but is also subject to place, the day, or the occasion. Usually, for poetry or fiction, the idea will just come to me, and I will go to a café, or sit on a park bench, or pull the car over to the side of the road—then pull out my ever-present notebook, and scribble down a first draft. I have written on café napkins, matchbook covers, candy wrappers, or whatever is within reach at the time—like the palm of my hand or my forearm. If I am at home, I go directly to my office and sit at my desk and…

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