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Jazz You Too

Dave Holland – bass
Robin Eubanks – trombon
Chris Potter – saxophones
Steve Nelson – vibraphone
Nate Smith – drums

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Tall Shots and a Short Stack

After all that, if temperature here goess up one more degree, I am going out and buy a bottle of beer

No Facilities

For the love of beer The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be in an unusually good mood.

“Cheryl, let’s have a glass of wine, a Yuengling and a frosty glass for my dapper young friend.”

“I’m all for you opening a tab, but I’d hardly call a Pirates tee shirt and a denim overshirt, dapper.”

“You failed to notice his hair, Cheryl. Recently cut.”

“I had a haircut yesterday, but I don’t think I have enough hair for it to move me into the dapper category.”

“Did you have breakfast?”


“After your haircut. Don’t you usually have breakfast at that dive?”

“Allegro. It’s a diner, not a dive.”

“Let me guess, you had pancakes.”

“No, their pancakes are a little dry. I had a breakfast sandwich and some potatoes.”

“What kind of sandwich?”

“Egg, cheese and bacon on toasted Italian bread.”


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