How to Unplug from Your Business while Traveling

Alexis Chateau PR

Entrepreneurship is a glorified lifestyle. Images constantly flood social media, blogs, and online publications of startup owners on yachts in Italy, sipping piña coladas in the Caribbean, partying in Spain, and meditating in India.

But what many entrepreneurs don’t share is that we spend a lot of time on those trips working. The truth is, when you own and run a business, there is really no such thing as a vacation.

Someone will always need your opinion, especially if you’re a solopreneur or work with a small team. Some emergencies may require your final signoff. And some clients will blatantly ignore any need on your part, for personal time or space.

But with planning and proper execution, you can manage to have something that sort of resembles a vacation, and for the committed entrepreneur, it’s enough. In fact, here’s how I unplug from Alexis Chateau PR when…

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