There’s One Fix the New York Subway Can Make Today: Tell the Truth



To New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who so loves his fancy car and flashing lights but is unfortunately saddled with the extremely grown-up responsibility of running the busiest subway system in the Western world, I recommend a child’s lesson: When you get in trouble, tell the truth.

Fessing up would be a necessary tonic for Cuomo’s dissembling act about who controls the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the very wobbly backbone behind the 8 percent of U.S. GDP also known as the New York City metropolitan area. Last week, Cuomo moved to “take control” of the MTA, a bit like a groggy sea captain might bellow that he was taking control after waking from slumber to seize the wheel in a gale.

The truth is, Cuomo has always had control. His Captain Haddock act is duplicitous in light of both the organization’s governance, of which he is and has been…

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