Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due


By Noel T. Braymer

Often it is hard to find things to praise when it come to rail passenger service in the United States. But lately there have been a few things to be happy about. Amtrak has its share of problems: many of them self-inflicted. But there has been progress in the last year or two. There are two recent good examples of this.These include ongoing efforts to extend the City of New Orleans east of New Orleans along the Gulf Coast to Florida. There are also efforts to extend the Heartland Flyer between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City up to Newton, Kansas for connections to the Southwest Chief. Now there have been test trains and lots of publicity in the past from Amtrak about extending services. Quite often they end up being public relations exercises and attempts to shake down local governments for funding. It has been some…

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BART Is Sounding Like West-Coast NY City MTA


All from California Rail News

First Item: The oldest equipment for the Blue Line dates back to 1990 which is being replaced while major maintenance is also underway for both the Blue and Green Lines. San Diego recently overhauled its oldest Trolley Lines: the Blue and Orange Lines and replaced its original cars from 1982. Meanwhile BART is still using most of its original cars placed in service in 1972 and its original computerize signalling system from the 1970’s which is incompatible with modern computer systems today.


Second Item: You know the feeling: You step into a BART car and are immediately hit with a wave of stagnant, desert-hot air. Trapped in the Transbay Tube, you start counting the minutes until you’re at the next station where, despite the hot temperatures outside, the opening doors will still give you a second to gasp in some fresh air.
Why are…

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