What Happened to Our Independence?


No Facilities

A perfect vantage point

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States. Free from the tyranny of British rule, that’s us for almost 250 years. It’s always a happy time, never more so than in 1976, when a few of my friends and I braved the traffic and the crowds to celebrate the Bicentennial at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. We were cautioned about the driving and parking conditions. We were warned about an increased police presence. We weighed the various pros and cons and we decided that we didn’t want to miss the celebration.

We decided for ourselves.

I wonder what has happened to that practice?

More and more frequently, I encounter conversations, news articles, and social media updates that seem to encourage very little independent thinking. People like to use the word “polarizing” but I’m not sure that’s accurate, unless you want to step into physics for…

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