The Monkey Speaks His Mind!

J. Fred Muggs! you will date yourself!!

The Immortal Jukebox

An Immortal Jukebox Production Starring:

Guy The Gorilla!

King Kong!

J. Fred Muggs!

Ham The Astronaut!

And a special appearance by Washoe!

Music by:

Dave Bartholomew

Dr John

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Denzil Thorpe

Now we all know One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.

Even if it’s Mickey’s Monkey.

And, of course, Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey.

Trust me. I’m a Monkey Man. A Monkey Man.

Time for The Monkey To Speak His Mind!

The great Guy The Gorilla, Lord of London Zoo, for more than three decades, kept this thoughts to himself.

Yet, none could doubt that Guy cast a quizzical eye on the rubbernecking crowds who passed by his domain.

Let’s get this Coconut Tree swinging with the man who translated The Monkey’s thoughts – New Orleans and American Music Master, Dave Bartholomew.

Yeah The Monkey Speaks His Mind .. discussing things as they…

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For Travelling By Orlando Florida Transportation The Best Riders

Port Canaveral Transportation

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One-Liner Wednesday – Feeding Time

No Facilities

“Don’t look out the window!”

No, there’s no boogieman. No political candidates. It’s not the season for Girl Scout cookies. No one is asking for a contribution… well, no human that is. Our yard has become a bit of an animal maternity ward. We got baby squirrels, baby chipmunks, baby birds and baby bunnies. Several of them have figured out that the nice lady who comes out the front door brings food.

We’re trying not to feed them so much or so often that they don’t learn how to forage the vast wilderness that is this small suburban neighborhood, but it’s hard.

They are so cute!

The gallery is full of these guys. The video at the end is a special little guy that may become a problem. Or, I may become a problem for him. The spot he decided to start tunneling is very close to where I need…

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All aboard the Amtrak gravy train

Ancien Hippie

The National Railroad Passenger Corp., otherwise known as Amtrak, was established in 1970 and began operations in 1971. In the 44 years since, despite more than $45 billion in taxpayer subsidies and repeated promises and reform efforts, the passenger rail service has not once turned a profit. A recent report from Amtrak’s Office of Inspector General helps to illustrate why.

An OIG report published last month highlighted apparent widespread timesheet abuse by Amtrak employees. “[Calendar Year] 2014 timesheet data revealed trends and patterns that indicate potential fraud, waste and abuse in the reporting of overtime and regular time,” the report concluded.

According to the audit, Amtrak employees racked up $199 million in overtime in 2014, accounting for 19 percent of total wage costs. One locomotive technician claimed 90 overtime hours, in addition to 40 regular hours, in a single week.

Workers submitted 957 weekly timesheets with overtime but no regular…

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