One-Liner Wednesday – Feeding Time

No Facilities

“Don’t look out the window!”

No, there’s no boogieman. No political candidates. It’s not the season for Girl Scout cookies. No one is asking for a contribution… well, no human that is. Our yard has become a bit of an animal maternity ward. We got baby squirrels, baby chipmunks, baby birds and baby bunnies. Several of them have figured out that the nice lady who comes out the front door brings food.

We’re trying not to feed them so much or so often that they don’t learn how to forage the vast wilderness that is this small suburban neighborhood, but it’s hard.

They are so cute!

The gallery is full of these guys. The video at the end is a special little guy that may become a problem. Or, I may become a problem for him. The spot he decided to start tunneling is very close to where I need…

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