Five Haiku Poems: Mask to Skin (For Carrie)

Poet Rummager

unnamed (1) Illustration by Poet Rummager

I take off my mask
and touch the wounds in my soul.
Light shines through the holes.

Pain now transparent,
I see varied shades of red.
Bleeding is widespread.

Blood pools on the floor.
I slip and fall to my knees.
Forgive me, I plead.

People I’ve broken
gather around and mock me.
They have no pity.

They fuse mask to skin.
There’s no escaping my pain.
It’s now trapped within.

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In the Comments Section, write a Micro-poem or Micro-Story using the prompt word “mask” 


Complete this scenario with a poem or story:

A masked maniac raises a rusted machete—the carnivorous edge eclipses the silver cratered world—while two campers squirm inside a sleeping bag.

…What happens next? Well…that’s up to you!

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1. Oh, the pain…

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“Boys of Summer” series: swinging the bat


Here is another photo taken

from other side of the fence

where parents, siblings

and grandparents

“Root, root, root

for the home team. . .”

This is my grandie,

Micah, who has no fears

nor trepidations. He is my

“Little Shadow” and yet,

never hides in the shadows.

Thank goodness for confidence

and bravura, as well as daring,

but genuine caring, gamesmanship!


“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

was a “Tin Pan Alley”

~ 1908 ~

song first written by

Jack Norworth


Albert Von Tilzer.

You may find an actual 1908

recording of this now

considered iconic,

Traditional baseball song,

online sung by

Edward Meeker.

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