Escape to Sears

You are supposed to forget Sears and other great stores. ORDER FROM AMAZON. Get your product delivered by a DRONE. GET WITH IT!!!

No Facilities

I would have rather been labeled a flight risk.

I wanted to talk about Sears (yes, again) because the closing of our local Sears store has hit me hard. The prospect of Sears not surviving hit me even harder. Still, I wasn’t going to tell the story, because I’ve talked about Sears before and I don’t remember what all I’ve said. Then Greg at Almost Iowa jogged my memory. I was about to make a snarky comment about that probably being the only jogging he does, but I don’t know him that well, so…oops. Anyway, I added a comment to that post that Ikea, his post was about Ikea, doesn’t have a tool department so you can’t hide there like you ustacould at Sears…before they closed.

I used to wait in Sears when we shopped as a family and my wife and daughter needed to go somewhere and try stuff…

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