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Sunday it is let’s be at ease…. or not. The bridge between reality and a dream is work, work and more work. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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July 11th 1945 – Last B-24 leaves the U.K.

Aviation Trails

As the war drew to a close, encircled German troops, took to flooding the fields of western Holland, forcing the local Dutch people down to starvation levels. In an attempt to help them, Allied operational bombing missions turned to mercy missions. Operations  ‘Manna‘  and ‘Chow Hound’  involved Allied bombers flying low-level to drop supplies of food and other provisions to these people.  They would fly aircraft along mutually agreed routes  to dropping points at the Hague and other sites around Rotterdam.

The first of these RAF operations occurred at the end of April into the early days of May, followed by the USAAF between the 1st and 8th of May 1945. On this first operation, 396 B-17s flew from their bases in East Anglia to unload some 700 tons of provisions over the affected area. Over the next few days similar flights would also take place, which would in…

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“Boys of Summer” series: the shadow knows. . .


He’s my shadow,

He’s his Mom’s shadow,

He follows Mom’s Daniel,

He’s his Coach’s shadow,

He knows things,

Sometimes his empathy

pours out, as in sorry for his

classmates who don’t have breakfast

or cannot play in sports due to costs,

or crying that “Pete needs a family!”

which truly made my good friend,

Linda and I burst into tears

during scene in “Pete’s Dragon.”

So, he stands and looks up to

his three coaches, each unique

in background and personality.

He answers “The Coach” when

he shouts out questions,

Where do you throw the ball?

(whichever base is next to

player arriving or stealing. The kids

answer, “First/Second/Third base”

or “Throw it Home!!”

Which base do you run like crazy?

(“Every base!”)

Who do you look out for?

(“Your team!”) or (“Teammates!”)


Baseball is an acquired taste,

but many friends…

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