Statue of George Washington, Winchester, Virginia

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Statue of George Washington Winchester VirginiaThis  is  a  statue  of  George  Washington  at  his  headquarters  in  Winchester,  Virginia.

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One-Liner Wednesday – How Many Es in Eeew?

No Facilities

Let me start with a great big disclaimer: I don’t normally take my cell phone into the Men’s room at work and I have never taken a picture in there. OK, that’s not true, I took a picture of a disgusting scene (near the trash can) once, with the thought of sending an email to the company across the hall from us. I never sent the email and I deleted the photo.

Don’t ask – just don’t

I’ve been carrying my phone with me these past few days, after falling in my own bathroom, like a security blanket. Of course, I know that if I fell, the phone would break or slide to a point where I couldn’t reach it, but this is what you do to convince yourself that you are once again in control of your surroundings. Replace ‘you/your’ with ‘I/mine’ and you get the picture I don’t…

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