Cyber Seas

Poet Rummager

SBYH6718 Illustration by Poet Rummager

I’ll send you my best thoughts

and be kind.

Your shadows I’ll tuck away.

I don’t know how to

ease your mind,

or what words

I can possibly say.

Yet, here we can laugh

under that digital moon.

Pick fruits from

resplendent internet trees.

Watch the dolphins

dive deep in tranquil

cyber seas.

It always astounds me how you can connect with people without ever having met them. I’m sure many of you have found amazing friendships through WordPress. I wanted to dedicate my poem to a faraway friend who has become an inspiration and source of strength to me…. and I’m sure to many people in our WordPress community.

**A couple of people have asked why they couldn’t leave comments. I deliberately removed that option, because I haven’t answered a few comments from other posts and apologize for my delay. I should be caught up…

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