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“Muthspiel combines a flawless technique honed by classical training with a restless musical imagination as likely to derive inspiration from Bach as from the blues or the Beatles.”

London Times

„Wolfgang Muthspiel is a shining light of the contemporary jazz-guitar generation.”

The New Yorker

“Muthspiel’s tricky compositions (have) an unstoppable groove over which he unveils a solo of Schwarzenegger proportions…These tunes go places, lots of them, and each is more interesting than the last.”

The Village Voice

“A natural virtuoso. On the electric guitar he can produce sounds as light and nimble as a harp’s; on the violin he is alert and steely. Partly composed and partly improvised, his pieces included homages to Stravinsky, his jazz colleague Paul Motian and the Beatles. ”

The New York Times



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High-Speed Pod Could Get You From LA To San Francisco In A Half Hour


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — We’re getting our first look at a test for a transportation system that could take people from Southern California to the Bay Area in just half an hour.

Hyperloop is building the pods that would move at 700 mph, or near-supersonic speed.

The first private test took place in the Nevada desert.

The company says it now has one full-scale hyperloop but hopes to have three in service in four years.

The founders say this reminds them of another time transportation took a huge step forward. The company says it now needs to get the state and federal governments on board, because getting the right-of-way for land will be crucial to building the system.

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