Learn to be a Mermaid!

By the Mighty Mumford

A group of professional mermaids and mermen, known as the MerFriends, established the Mercademy in 2012. The academy offers classes in all things being a mermaid, and classes are open to both adults and children of all ages.

via Learn How To Become A Mermaid At The Mercademy In Fort Worth — 98.7 KLUV

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The (1960’s) Rise of Black Muslims in America

America On Coffee

The NOI was founded in Detroit on July 4, 1930, by Wallace Fard Muhammad, also known as W. D. Fard Muhammad, in order to, as the Nation of Islam states, “teach the downtrodden and defenseless Black people a thorough Knowledge of God and of themselves, and to put them on the road to Self-Independence with a superior culture and higher civilization than they had previously experienced.”[13] The NOI teaches that W. Fard Muhammad was both the “Messiah” of Judaism and the Mahdi of Islam. Fard chose his assistant minister, Elijah Muhammad, in 1931 to succeed him as head of the movement, calling Muhammad “His Divine Representative”. Fard trained Muhammad night and day for 3½ years before he took over NOI in 1934.

Muhammad[clarification needed] and the movement were widely rejected during his 44 years as the NOI leader. Muhammad[clarification…

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Intermission Story (8) – Jimmy Stewart

A very serious and true story!

Pacific Paratrooper

James Maitland Stewart

Jimmy Stewart suffered such extreme PTSD after being a bomber pilot in World War II that he acted out his mental distress during ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.  Stewart played George Bailey in the classic movie and channeled his anger and guilt into the scenes where he rages at his family.

Stewart was haunted by ‘a thousand black memories’ from his time as an Air Force commanding officer that he took with him back to Hollywood after the war.  Pilots who flew with him said that became ‘Flak Happy’ during World War II, a term to describe what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

Stewart wrestled with the guilt of killing civilians in bomb raids over France and Germany including one instance where they destroyed the wrong city by mistake.

Stewart felt responsible for the death of his men and especially one bloodbath where…

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Stands For Nuthin’

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Is the nation on the wrong track or the right track? Do you think that the political parties stand for something more than opposition to each other?

If you answered these questions with the most negative possible answer, you’re far from alone. Rasmussen has been polling the right/wrong track question for many years, and it’s headed back to the low 20% “right track”, net about -40, that it was at a year ago. The brief bump from Trump has worn off.

Even worse, a Washington Post / ABC poll shows that about 2/3 Americans think that the two major parties don’t actually stand for anything other than opposition to each other.

This is the reason why People’s Economics is necessary. It’s time to reboot everything – not just the people, but the fight that drives them.

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Thursday Doors – Georgetown MA

These little towns can be interestng

No Facilities

Front door of the library

Earlier this week, I was staying in Burlington, Massachusetts. On my way to Burlington, my GPS stopped working. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, I’ve been to Burlington often enough that I don’t really need directions. However, the day after I arrived in Burlington, I had to drive to a specific address in Georgetown, MA. I needed my GPS for that. I decided to use my phone.

I checked with my daughter to see which map-app she liked best. She pointed me in the right direction and I decided to test the app in my hotel room. I entered my destination address, I pushed start – virtual whir whir whir – I got my first voice command and an estimated time of arrival 57 minutes later.

That’s what I needed.

I don’t like to be late. I wanted the time estimate so I knew when…

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