Le dream

brain freeze

Good morning!

Its that dream again – the dream that feels so real like it really happened but when you wake up you are just left with the feeling of its touch on your skin.

I haven’t had this dream for years and I am wondering why it happened again. Actually, I am wondering what it really means.

This time its buddy. With him just holding my hand when we went to a museum-like place and while looking at all the exhibits he suddenly holds my hand, not letting it go even if we had to keep other people from seeing it. There was also a look in his eyes that’s like telling me its “ok” and it somehow comforts me. When I woke up, I can still feel his skin on my hand.

That dream was just so weird and comforting at the same time because I haven’t really…

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Untold Memories

Max or Not

the world could only end
without you here

where mountains slow surrender
to the ceaseless seas’ entreaty

beneath the spired redwoods
breaching lucent skies alluring

through arid valleys of toiling sun

stretching long onto the virid shores
where first i held you

this land will hold our untold memories

as time permits their essence

in a distant realm of consciousness
we manifest as things once precious

i know that there could be no other way

despite the days adrift
inside abysses of solemnity

the twilight of your kiss cerise
still faults the earthen sheath

[image credit: Rockwell Kent]

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Is your country ready for a catastrophe?

Needull in a haystack


How ready is your country to face a massive change? Today’s needull looks at this critical aspect.

Stiles compares the experience of Haiti in 2010 with Chile, which experienced an 8.8-magnitude earthquake soon after. More than 90% of Chile’s population lost power and thousands of homes were destroyed by a tsunami. But, within three months, the country’s stock market and consumer confidence was back to pre-disaster levels, and economic growth seemed unaffected, he says. Haiti, by contrast, had a loss of more than 5% of GDP in 2010. “Haiti struggled to rebound from the earthquake, hampered by weak government structures, poorly coordinated humanitarian response and loss of key personnel,” he says. Haiti now stands at 123rd in the index, compared to Chile’s 24th place ranking.
Though the top performers are all rich countries, several lower and middle-income nations punch above their weight. Rwanda, officially a “low income” country, is in 46th place ahead of high-income…

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