Let’s sit together on a park bench 


Come sit with me, take a

few moments to chat and

reminisce of bygone days.

The days are passing quickly,

not enough seconds spent

relaxing, breathing and

feeling the sunshine

permeate our bones.

☀ ** 🌞 ** ☀

Remember how the

Summer stretched

before you after

you threw your

satchel, backpack

or knapsack into the

bottom of your closet?

School was out and it felt

like long stretches of nothing

but joy and carefree playtime

lay ahead of you, where

even nightime held fun.

🌠 🌛 🌝 🌜 🌠

You liked to play from sunrise

until dark, taking breaks to eat

and possibly getting books from

the library or the bookmobile.

🚐 📑 📗 📖 📔 📘 🚐

I had a place where I remember

curling up and getting absorbed

in books. What some call now,

“being fully engaged” in

other worlds, real life

biographies or

imaginary stories in


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