By the Mighty Mumford

Old soldiers at salute,

Reliably used repute…

Time to reappear

As other railroad gear,

Their long-valued status none…can refure1

Jonathan C

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Resiliency and Interdependence

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Long ago, most Americans lived as Laura Ingalls Wilder chronicled in the “Little House” series.  Pa Ingalls and family were out in the wilderness, living with the rhythm of the land and putting away what they could to survive long winters and perhaps beyond.  The family’s net worth was what they had around them.

That life has been replaced with interdependence based on a dollar value assigned to absolutely everything.  We all get by with any extra scratch, should there be some, not stored up to get through the winter but properly invested in convertible assets.  This means everyone is subject to  the “free market”, which determines the value of all assets including experience, talent, and work.

That interdependence has changed our world to one with much less hard work or struggles against nature, and yet to many it has become as hostile as any winter on the Great Plains.

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Book Review: “Getting to Mr. Right,” by Carol Balawyder 👝 🎒


One of my summer reading books,

“Getting to Mr. Right,”

written by Carol Balawyder,

a dear friend and fellow blogger,

was right away a plot with

great characters who

I was curious to find

out more about!

The main character, Campbell,

has studied the subject of

Father – Daughter


Is there a correlation

between women who have

strained or “broken” relations

with their father and inability

to develop close, nurturing

futures with men?

Do these women somehow

search, without possible hope,

for their Prince Charming?

Do they set too lofty of expectations

for boyfriends, husbands and partners?

Four women of varied ages meet

at a research group where over

time, it develops into combination

of fun, therapy, counseling and

support for those who have had

negative relationships with

their fathers. It starts as a

series of workshops, but

attendance is a low

turnout, so their

personal journeys

create support,

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Going to be a HOT Summer with Signal Problems


400,000 angry people getting off the trains each day.” Referring to the commuters from New Jersey and Long Island derailed by track problems at Penn Station and the 100,000 or more subway riders who see their commute disrupted every day by the antiquated signal system.

Citizens Budget Commission report revealed that the three components essential to a reliable subway system—cars, power systems and signals—are all receiving far less than they need to bring the system into a state of good repair.

politicians always prefer new projects. Remember the spotlight the governor hogged at the beginning of the year, when the Second Avenue subway opened? Just wait for the fanfare when the new Tappan Zee Bridge he commissioned is completed later this year. The problems the transit system is encountering are a direct result of that attitude. Any Trump administration infrastructure plan is likely to suffer from the same…

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