Jazz You Too

Wonderfully long hot days – simple tasks, clear choices – here’s the album for the day – the daily soundtrack.

Something similar has already happened with Dark Territory by Dave Douglas and Nearness by Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau. I guess that’s the plan for the coming days.

(The name of the band, Triveni, refers to the sacred Triveni Sangam at Allahabad in India, and to the meeting of the three rivers there)

It means the waters come together and you don’t see anymore what was the other river. It is the Ganges, the Yamuna, the Saraswati. The third is the mythical one, it doesn’t really exist. What I had in mind is, I’m the Ganges, Omer is the Yamuna, and Nasheet is the Saraswati. Omer is the known, we have that history together. And Nasheet is the mysterious force for me, on my side. He’s unpredictable, always changing what…

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