Dog Days

It's All In Perception

Sirius rises

It’s a hot, dog day noontime

Stars need hydration

Moon stalls in its rise

Too much heat in the kitchen

The sun’s fire taunts us

Our appetites shrink

Sliced cucumbers on eyelids

No gin – just water

Orion lazy

Leo Lion shaves his mane

Virgo skinny dips

M. Raynes

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You go Chicago!


CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the city is filing a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s Justice Department claiming it’s illegal for the government to withhold public safety grant money from sanctuary cities. The mayor is taking a stand against the president’s immigration policies, specifically the requirement that ties federal funding to cooperation with…

via Chicago to sue Trump Justice Dept. over funding threat, mayor says — WGN-TV

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On Guilt

Cardiac Slaves of the Stars

On my head is
bellyfuls of plastic that’s
the size of Texas strewn with
corpses of plastic bottles beached
and skewered for their spotted
fur because the warm old glow
of vanishing elephants is worth its
weight in miles driven miles and
miles and miles of gray ribbon out
west because it’s our dream and
became everyone’s dream drowning
babies and continents raining
fire down on weddings and scraping
off the orange from orangutan
mothers butterflies are confused and
flying the wrong way and all this
is on my head.

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