The Idiot’s Diet

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

We have been too serious lately, and too heavy on Russian scandals.  It’s nearly time for the State Fair in Minnesota, and thoughts naturally turn to food.

People diet for a lot of reasons.  Some want to lose weight and others just want to be healthier.  Many of the big fads seem to be more of a social thing, something people do with friends when there isn’t anything good on teevee.

It’s hard to call yourself a real blogger if you don’t write about a diet at some point, so it’s high time for the Barataria approach to better living.  It’s called the “Idiot Diet”, and it’s very simple – never eat anything you don’t understand.

This can cause a lot of trouble if you know something about food already, since a little knowledge is often a dangerous thing.  But with time the harmony of mind and body will…

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Merian C. Cooper, extraordinary life of a hero of 2 nations and King Kong

Pacific Paratrooper

Merian C. Cooper was born in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. He was the youngest of his siblings and at the age of six, he started to dream about exploration and adventures, a common dream among future aviators. Then he studied at the United States Naval Academy, but didn’t finish it and became a journalist.

It was not enough to satisfy his taste for adventure. In 1916, Cooper joined the US National Guard and was to help catch Pancho Villa in Mexico. The year after, he was appointed lieutenant, yet he refused the promotion because he wanted to participate in direct combat. To fulfill his desires, he went to the Military Aeronautics School in Atlanta to learn how to fly and graduated with the top grades in his class.

In autumn 1917, Cooper went to France as a rookie, then learned the skills of a bomber pilot in Issoudun, France, and served…

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Thursday Doors – PA Trolley Doors

No Facilities

I really like this trolley entrance.

On our recent visit to Pittsburgh, we made a last-minute diversion to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near Washington, PA. Truth be told, we always referred to Washington as “Little Washington” so as not to confuse it with Washington, D.C. I guess we weren’t concerned about Washington state. Anyway, we had a few extra hours, so a ride, a tour and a lot of trollies.

So many trollies, that I have more door photos than will fit today. I’ll do my best to describe them in the gallery (click to start a slide show and see the captions). I’ll finish-up on a future Thursday when I have time to toss in a little information about the museum. I’m still playing catch-up with this week.

Thursday Doors is product of Canada where doors are imported from around the world by Norm Frampton, Limited. If you want…

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