Sunday Blog Share: Danny Extorts Andrew…

A great tribute to the little guy…..from a cat person

Myths of the Mirror

Since I began blogging, I’ve been an avid fan of Danny the Dog, who lived on a houseboat with Andrew, his human. Danny was a writer, adventurer, and source of witty entertainment for years. On Tuesday the 18th, Danny passed on after a much-loved life. My condolences to his friend, Andrew. I know Danny will be sorely missed. This was his last post. Read and smile.

Danny Extorts Andrew

Danny the Dog

Good morning, everybody. It is I, your favorite dog, Danny the Dog. At least I’m your favorite dog that pens a monthly epistle here on Chris’ blog.

I write about my life, my loves, and my losses—although I do not lose very often. Today, I’m here to tell you about one of my wins. And of course, it’s a win against my arch-nemesis, Andrew, my human.

For those of you who follow my exploits on a monthly basis…

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The best stories start from a blank page

City Skipper Gal


July 30 is National Paperback Book Day!

Think of all the stories in the world and what our lives would be like without them. We might not have magical plays, movies on the big screen, DVDs, videos, etc. Many of the stories we see and hear come from words on pages. They all started out as blank pages and were created by amazing people with huge imaginations.

To help celebrate this day, even though many of us read from an electronic reader, pick up an old paperback book. Smell the pages. Touch the rough paper. Remember the days of flipping through the pages and maybe earmarking the last page read.

Enjoy National Paperback Book Day!

What is your favorite book?

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Merch for Gaston Fans 

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

It’s no secret that I kind of love Gaston. Sometimes, I feel like Gaston doesn’t get all the attention that he deserves, so guess what? I’m going to fix that and do a post all about Gaston-themed merchandise!

• Run Like Gaston Just Proposed to You Running Shirt: I think this shirt is so funny, but I also love it at the same time! I would wear this, even if I wasn’t going for a run. There are many different types of styles you are able to purchase. I even saw some long sleeve shirts (This shirt is pretty easy to find, so I won’t be including a link to this shirt)!

• This Girl Loves Her Gaston Mug: This mug is perfect for any girl who loves Gaston! You can purchase this mug by clicking on thelink.

• Gaston Mug: I am obsessed with mugs, so I…

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By the Mighty Mumford

He guesses it has to do,

What memories come into view…

The model there

With her red hair,

Reminds him of his Mom by what she wears!

Similarities are uncanny,

Appearing similar in many…

Ways and looks,

Creative hooks,

Perhaps even similar trannies!

Not to seem unfair

But Mom and Janey have red hair…

I’m glad she has Patrick

To revel in her magic,

He’s a positive joy to her there.

–Jonathan Caswell

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By M.E. Singer

For those of us who attained adulthood before the dawn of Amtrak, we were initially thrilled with high hopes the passenger train would be saved; acquire governmental investments (i.e., “subsides”) in equipment and infrastructure in common with other modes of transport; and actually expand to meet its potential. However, within a very short time span we were sadly awakened to a certain reality of lost faith. Just as General Westmoreland learned their was no “light at the end of the tunnel,” because their was no “tunnel” in Vietnam, so too have rail advocates and pundits approached any governmental action regarding Amtrak with suspicion.

Frankly, as it was written under the FAST Act, this FRA bid concept reads more like a manifesto embracing a “Gordian Knot” that portends the devolution of Amtrak.  Like peeling layers of the onion, this FRA program is aimed directly at the winnowing of long…

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