‘The time when I got lost in translation’.

Vintage Vow

Noises. Everywhere I turned, there were noises. Blowing of horns, people yelling, strangers whispering, children passing by. It felt like I was stuck there, right in the centre. A time-lapse. Everything was happening so fast. I witnessed it all, everything that went wrong, and everything that has happened since.

It happened in a haze. The mood swings, groundless quarrels, change of behaviour and new found revelations. One moment, we three were talking nonchalantly on absurd topics. Next moment, his words left me uncomfortable. One evening his touch felt disgusting, as he crossed my personal space. Next day, she left me accusing infidel.

My beliefs were shaken. My conscience felt violated. I was torn apart, for now I was oblivious to where my grief lain. I was mourning over my scarred virtue, over his filthy hypocrisy, and over her departure. However, the worst was yet to occur. It was reason. Everyone…

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