Knowing Your Ghosts: Robert Graves and the Dark Side of the Moon

Book 'Em, Jan O

The poet, playwright and combat veteran of The Great War who was left for dead, Robert Graves, is known for a great body of work.  My favourite, though, is a book called The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth.

In it, he posits that there are two kinds of knowing:  solar (think of Apollo as the sun god of myth) which is material, scientific, mathematics, “practical,” grounded, the out in the open  – and associated with patriarchal religion.   The other knowledge system is what he calls lunar (think Isis, the Moon Goddess): the numinous, the imagination, the indefinite, the feminine, the hidden, the secret, the Muse, inspiration, spiritual, intuition, and matriarchal religion).  In the beginning of the book, he shares some incidents of synchronicity he experienced and which influenced him to write the book.

While physics, astronomy, psychology would be classified as solar knowledge, astrology, tarot, the enneagram…

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