Drawn to Piracy: Anne Bonny

Roger Bussey

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was born March 8, 1700, in County Cork, Ireland, the illegitimate daughter of a prominent lawyer and his wife’s maid. The ensuing scandal forced him to flee Ireland with his lover and daughter in disgrace, but the little family found refuge in the Carolinas. There Cormac amassed a fortune and bought a large plantation.

When Anne was sixteen, a ne’er-do-well sailor named James Bonny married Anne in an attempt to steal the plantation, but Anne’s father instead disowned her. Bonny then took Anne to the pirate lair of New Providence in the Bahamas, where he turned stoolpigeon to Governor Woodes Rogers, accusing any sailor he didn’t like of piracy for a handsome reward.

Anne grew to dislike her spineless husband and spent most of her time with the pirate elite. Her best friends consisted of the pirates’ paramours and of Pierre, the most celebrated homosexual on the island…

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L’ouragan Irma

L’ouragan Irma a réclamé six vies et a provoqué des «dommages majeurs» sur plusieurs îles des Caraïbes. L’ouragan de catégorie cinq a «soufflé les toits» des bâtiments, a causé des inondations et a coupé les communications entre Paris et les îles françaises de Saint-Barthélemy et de Saint-Martin. La population du côté français de l’île de Saint Martin compte environ 40 000 habitants. Au total, environ 9 000 personnes vivent à Saint-Barthélemy.