New Moon In Virgo🌚Venus Enters Virgo❤️Mercury In Virgo Opposes Neptune In Pisces 🔮Sept 20 2017

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Tuesday Sept 19 2017🌚Tomorrow a New Moon starts in Virgo and also Venus Enters In Virgo. We also have an opposition with Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.🌙It seems to be a very busy day tomorrow with these 3 activities taking place which ofcourse can be felt today already.

🌑A new lunar cycle starts tomorrow with the need to attain perfection with this new moon on Virgo. Many of us can see cracks through things or imperfection on things and we might feel an immense need during this time to correct it by forming new habits.

Venus Entering Virgo will be much of a big help as Venus loves to beautify things, so perfecting things in this lunar cycle can be enjoyable.

Also note that Mars is also in Virgo energizing this area in your chart.

Now for Mercury in Virgo Opposing Neptune in Pisces we may feel a…

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