Thursday Doors ~ the Delaware Dam building, sunset


I remember my own three children,

none of them would walk across

the grated bridge, fearful they

would slip into the roaring

and rushing waterfalls.

They clung to me,

as toddlers, then

advanced to holding on

to the metal railing and

still a bit shaky when older

sister could freely walk and not

hold onto me, an uncle or the

railing. Tenuous steps to

growth and development.

Emerging as two of three,

Parents and family trusting

them to not let them slip

through the cracks.

This is the long view,

artistic and scenic,

of the building

which holds equipment

control panels and the

Fate of Delaware, Ohio!

This is part of a conglomerate

of posts which feature doors

of unimaginable varieties!

Go check out if our host,

Norm Frampton, is back here:

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