Hi! Hippy!! I am a Gypsy!!!

Have a Good day…..The Happy Ancien Hippie


Hi! Hippy!! I am a Gypsy!!!

Hi Hippy!

Hippie! Hippie!!

I am not a Hippy!

You are not a Hippy!

Gypsy Image 2 Image courtesy from My Dear Friend Deb of ‘Once Upon a Hot Flash’. Please refer her post from this link, she talks about Gypsyhttps://onceuponahotflash.com/2017/08/16/our-daily-grateful-post-835/

Gypsy! Gypsy!! Hi! Hi!!

I am a Gypsy!

You are a Gypsy!

Whole World Gypsy! Gypsy!!


Go around Wander! Wander!!

Play music Boogie! Woogie!!

Spirits be Frisky! Frisky!!

Searching Browsing Google! Google!!

Download Upload Apps! Apps!!

Stomach full Giggle! Giggle!!


Hi! Hippy!! I am a Gypsy!!!

Hi! Hippy!! I am a Gypsy!!!

Hi! Hippy!! I am a Gypsy!!!

Hi! All!! I feel in a way in this modern world we are all like the Gypsies, looking to the way we live, going places and the day to day life style the world has now adopted I feel so, isn’t?

Please do read , sing…

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Types of Ghosts

Book 'Em, Jan O

Talk is cheap.  We can tell stories all day long, but what exactly are we talking about when we say “ghosts?”  Based upon sightings, these vary considerably.

The ghost as filmstrip: This kind of ghost appears like a slice of another time. It walks through walls as if they don’t exist (and maybe in his time, they didn’t.  This ghost appears to be non-sentient, just a visual trace of someone from the past.

The ghost as sentient being:  This ghost appears aware of those present. It may or may not communicate with them.

The ghost as messenger: This ghost may or may not be someone known to the witness, but he has a message to convey which he does telepathically, verbally, or in other ways.  An example would be a ghost appearing someplace significant in a way that would be meaningful to a witness. A ghost like this may appear…

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