Investigating a Haunting (2)

Windows into History

houseCreepy History 35. In yesterday’s Creepy history article we looked at a quote from A True Ghost Story, by Hazel Lewis Scaife, published in 1895, in which the author relates her experiences investigating a “haunted house” in Georgia, USA. Unfortunately it all turned out to be a hoax in the end, but the author’s route to that discovery was an interesting one, and there is no doubt the house had the sort of appearance to inspire ghostly rumours. The last quote detailed the author’s determination to disprove the haunting and gave a description of what she found when she arrived at the house. Close to the house, the author and her group found some cabin and was told by a local that the strange goings-on had even spread outside the house:

We followed the road, passed the “Haunted House,” and walked down the row of deserted cabins until…

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