Criss-crossing France

Images from Finchley

Since buying the second garage in Bordeaux I’ve been driving around France building the funds and I’m now getting close to the amount needed to get our second truck for our company. This post is going to be less reading and more images because you hopefully know all you need to take jobs and deliver them 😉

In the Garage Dilema post I mentioned the A89 and linked to an external website about the ‘autoroute of the presidents’ or the ‘Transeuropean’ as it is known. At the time I promised we’d revisit in daylight to show some of the structures on the A89. Ironically my first job out of Bordeaux was delivering a tanker of LPG to Lyon which put us straight back out on the A89 going east and presented the opportunity to catch the Viaduc du Chavanon in the evening light…The A89 is such an important east-west…

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