hater/ or /you scratch my back I Old Scratch yours


OldScratchI went over to the Ralphs supermarket a few days ago to see if they had any self-confidence . I looked around for awhile and didn’t see any . They changed their signs a year or so ago , and they don’t help at all .

  I need to get more scratch too . I haven’t been making anything from scratch lately . Sometimes it’s hard to find . Ah , someone will have it . Lots of people still make things from scratch , so it’s got to be sold someplace .

When you’ve got both of those , self-confidence and scratch , and maybe also a little bit of imagination , then the world could be your oyster .

Speaking of bivalve mollusks ………………………………..No , no , I’m not going to start talking politics . Or religion .  Or hate . Well, maybe hate .

Speaking of…

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