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New Shed – Installed

One of my Facebook friends has been asking about the cabinet-style garden shed I’ve been building for my wife, so I figured I better feature it, now that it’s done. Well, “done for now” would be a better expression, but let’s call it done, because it’s hanging on the wall and soon it will be filled with, as Arlo Guthrie would say, “implements of destruction” and other such stuff.

I mentioned earlier how the shed was being built, but in case you’re not in a link-clicking mood, I’ll refresh that with an overview.

The door frames are 5/4 (five-quarter) pine, which is to say a little less than 1 1/8” because nothing in the world of lumber is anything close to what the nominal measurement implies. For you non-English-measurement folks, that’s about 2.84 CM. The frames are joined with “Biscuits” – which…

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After a day where a sudden drop in tempurature causes green leaves to fall like the piano needles from Charlie Brown’s xmas tree

The Museum

I must quiet my mind.

Sometimes it can be done with reading on the train. And sometimes it needs to be done by formulating, or finding, some clear thing out of the jumble of tangled strings and wires— the ones that formed knots in one’s head during the tumult of the day. 

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Hi, guys! There is nothing to be scared. I am NOT talking about the Blue Whale. That game is horrifying, unscrupulous and ill motivated. I myself felt deep agony for the innocent victims. It is pitiful that our technology is being manipulated to produce evil.

Hence, I thought why did it take such a malicious turn? Gaming can be used in a much meaningful, productive and healthy way. Here are some of my tasks on “MY GLOWING WHALE” game. (This is a fictitious name given by me. You can call it anything as you wish.)

1. Wake up early for a week and do yoga for half an hour. It will already become a habit.

2. NO need to carve anything on your body. Just plant a tree and carve its life by taking care of it.

3. NO need to starve yourself. Just donot waste food. If you have…

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A Railroader’s Story of Manassas, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


When you ask most people about what is famous about what is so famous about the city of Manassas, Virginia, what do you think their answer would be?  Most of the time, the answer will be the two major battles of the Civil War.  Besides, it was in the first battle where a Confederate general named Thomas Jackson earned the name ‘Stonewall Jackson’.  The Manassas National Battlefield is also the most visited historic site in Manassas.  What most people do not know is how Manassas came to be.

The city was originally called Manassas Junction.  It was built around the junction of two railroads: the Alexandria and Orange and the Manassas Gap Railroad.  (These routes are now owned by Norfolk Southern.)  It was also here in Manassas where the railroad was first used in military action.  General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson boarded his troops on a train in what is now…

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Record de livraisons historique pour Nissan et sa nouvelle Leaf au Japon (source

Nissan a livré 3629 nouvelle Leaf au Japon au cours du mois d’octobre. Un record historique pour le constructeur nippon.  


S’il faudra attendre début 2018 pour voir débarquer les premiers exemplaires de la nouvelle Leaf en Europe, la berline nippone est d’ores et déjà disponible au Japon où les premières livraisons ont commencé en octobre.

Lire la suite ici:

Immatriculations records pour la Leaf 2.0 au Japon

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It started out with hearing Duke yelp followed by him running into the house with a trail of blood behind him.

Then there was Garry holding him down while I try to find the bandages, cleanser, and tape. Me, cleaning the wound. Bandages. I didn’t shave the fur off because I didn’t have equipment to do it and he was bleeding. I slathered the wound with antibiotic ointment. I believe in antibiotic ointment. It has been a life saver for various injuries in humans and dogs.

It looks like Duke was shot with a pellet gun, or maybe a strong be-bee gun. Garry thinks maybe there’s something in the yard on which he stabbed himself. I know someone shot Bonnie when she was younger. She still has the pellet under her skin, so I have reason to be suspicious that the same people did it again.

The hole in Duke’s leg…

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