Self (& Others) Destructive Behavior

Happy I do not drive!

No Facilities

Last Monday, I was all about planning and organization. This week, it’s all stuff that comes out of nowhere. Nowhere, in this case, being the underside of the Internet, where apps go to die. The app of interest? Jot, a simple drawing app that offered a bunch of via-the-Internet collaboration features. I didn’t use those. Others did, and the cost of running the servers that supported that exceeded the profits Jot generated.

Money In < Money Out

The sad thing is that instead of just ending the Internet stuff, the developer killed-off Jot. It’s sad because Jot is the app that I used for all those amazing illustrations I’ve included over the years.

I have a new app, but I’m just learning how to use it. It’s OK, I like learning and I think I like this app. So, I reached into those notes to see if I had a…

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