Small town streets


“Golden Passages”

by reocochran

~ November, ’17 ~

It doesn’t have to signify

literal interpretation.

Let’s go beyond

small town streets. . .

This isn’t about inanimate things.

No, not roads, location or

any particular, “certain”

areas of the country.

It is about friends,

neighbors, families,

couples, single ones and

warm, caring connections.


It may even be a path

not visible to eyes.


Laughing, sharing

and stretching beyond

yards, often into unexpected

senior communities and

sophisticated condos.

Humanity touching by

inviting others into closer

proximity and “within arm’s reach.”

Intended to include

and unite so much

more than just

one town.

Please finish

this thought:


means to

Me. . . ”

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Shipping: Plimsoll Line

Roger Bussey

Plimsoll Line

England, before the end of the last Ice Age was connected to Europe by a land mass, and as the ice melted so the English Channel was born.  We became an island, surrounded by water.  An island which relies on imports delivered by ships.

Sail powered ships, were easily blown over in storm-force gales, as the wind direction changes or pounding waves upon ships decking, with open hatches allowing water to pour in.

It was the responsibility of captain’s to use every inch of space, when moving cargo from port to port for their owners, which led to the overloading of ships and disasters waiting to happen.

The British Board of Trade brought in the 1876 Merchant Shipping Act, which stated that every ship should bear a “Plimsoll Line Symbol” upon its hull, indicating the maximum weight it could carry.  The brainchild of its inventor; Samuel Plimsoll.

Its purpose was…

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In 2016, during the final few moments of the final debate — and I use all these words very loosely — the “contestants,” excuse me, I meant “candidates” were asked if there was anything at all that they liked or admired about their opponents.

Rusted trucks, faintly praised

Clinton said, “Look, I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.” She was lying. I knew it, and you knew it. I suppose it was the best she do. She still thought, as a politician, she had to be polite.

I believe we have all learned otherwise in the year since.

Trump accepted Clinton’s words as “a nice compliment,” and added, “I will say this about Hillary. She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter.” Really? Wow. Praise indeed.

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All You Need Is Love and A Dog

Joys of Joel

All You Need Is Love and A Dog, joys of joel musings, dog lover, photos of dogs, puppy love All You Need Is Love and A Dog – –

The short and long walks, the unpredictable(?) tantrums or is it that scary barks that you unleashed when you want the freedom that you need.

The crackers that i used to throw on the grass to pacify your unending demands to stay while i’m on the verge of a nervous attack especially when you chase those helpless cute small dogs you bully when all you need is just a playmate.

The dirt my shoes accumulate when the deer suddenly appeared , i was almost thrown away because you want it your way. I promised this time, i won’t let you play.

But when you give me that innocent look, that oscar worthy act of begging to be out, my heart just melt. And i can’t blame you for being just the way you are…. Crazy, Sweet and Damn Bitchy…

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