Thursday Doors – Boston Walk

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Where’s my coffee?

Back in September, I enjoyed a nice walk from the area around Faneuil Hall in Boston, back to my hotel. Of course I took pictures of doors, and I thought I would share them and describe where I was on the journey. That was until I discovered that I had captured so many theater doors that I could make those a separate post. That left/leaves me with a bunch of random Boston doors. Random to me, my friends in Boston will probably recognize many of them. In any case, you get off easy.

How’s that? You ask.

Well, without the journey to support a story line, I’m just going to give you the doors today. The captions in the gallery will explain what I know, and why I took the photo. Except for the featured photo. You might look at that and wonder: “what was…

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Ghosts: A Blogger’s Own True Ghost Stories

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I found these first-hand accounts on HollyRobiin’s blog – these are so interesting – I loved it and hope you will, too.  First-hand accounts are the best!

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A 4-Step Guide on How to Raise Your Parents


Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? We often looked up to the adults, counting the days to when we would be in charge, and get to call the shots. There were likely lots of adulting perks you were looking forward to: staying up late, eating what you want when you want, making your own money, and having your own kids to boss around.

But you know what’s the true test of your adulting skills? How well you’ve raised your parents. The benefits of raising your parents to be good, well-adjusted caregivers, are numerous. For instance, you can count on increased trust and freedom, larger allowances, and expensive gifts when they can afford them.

All of this sounds lovely, but how do we achieve this? Here’s an easy 4-step guide to get you started.

Step 1: Make them Proud

When you’re a kid, teenager, or college-aged…

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