VETERAN’S DAY – Queen Anne’s County at War




Our country has fought numerous wars over the last three centuries or so.

And generation after generation, the citizens of my home county, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, which was established in 1706, have shown a willingness to serve.

Despite its distance from the front lines, Queen Anne’s County was a dangerous place during the American Revolution. British ships sailed the Chesapeake Bay, threatening depredation. Citizens organized armed militias. Tories, colonists loyal to the crown, resisted independence, and that faction of the populace agitated anti-patriotic sentiment.

Our Revolutionary record is strong, though. Five of Maryland’s delegates to the Continental Congress were from our county. Local men like Wye Island’s William Paca were leaders in the struggle for self-government. In 1776, county volunteers fought with other Marylanders in the battle of Long Island. Washington Irving wrote about the bravery of those forces in his classic George Washington biography.

The British Army came…

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Lightning in a Bottle

Poesy plus Polemics

lightning-in-a-bottle-2 Image from


at the crack of the bat

in that nick of an instant

you know that it’s gone

there’s no need of a sprint

just a thoroughbred trot

round the bases will do

it’s the same whether played

in rough sandlots of youth or

grand ballparks that showcase

skilled men in their prime

it’s the puffed-up-chest feeling

of making one’s mark

on a small arc of history

one standout moment

to last for a lifetime

remembered relived

a reminder a testament

everyone has it within them

within their two hands

with a well-practiced effort

and a disciplined focus

to once and for all

catch lightning in a bottle


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