Megha Bose

Hi, guys! There is nothing to be scared. I am NOT talking about the Blue Whale. That game is horrifying, unscrupulous and ill motivated. I myself felt deep agony for the innocent victims. It is pitiful that our technology is being manipulated to produce evil.

Hence, I thought why did it take such a malicious turn? Gaming can be used in a much meaningful, productive and healthy way. Here are some of my tasks on “MY GLOWING WHALE” game. (This is a fictitious name given by me. You can call it anything as you wish.)

1. Wake up early for a week and do yoga for half an hour. It will already become a habit.

2. NO need to carve anything on your body. Just plant a tree and carve its life by taking care of it.

3. NO need to starve yourself. Just donot waste food. If you have…

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