One of My Favorite Modern Jazz Singers


One of my favorite modern jazz singers is Diana Krall. I love her. She sings great. Her music is smooth and relaxing. I hear it when I read and study most of the time. It helps me to concentrate in my studies. I also love Elaine Elias. Her music is awesome. I like Diana Krall more.

I used to listen to singers and standards in music choice, but not anymore. Perhaps I will in the future. Right now I am hooked to smooth jazz.

I was watching the show The Cosmos hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is interesting. I learned about the history of Edmund Halley. The comet was named after his last name. The Cosmos is so wonderful to see. Now I am waiting for the channel to air the old episodes of How the Universe Works. I miss that show all the time. I am hooked to…

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