Panoramic View of Lake George, NY

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Let’s visit around and tour Lake George area in the Southern Adirondacks in New York State. We visited here this past July and it was a busy and lovely area. This is a panoramic view of the South end of Lake George looking North. The famous boat Minne Ha Ha was ready to steam out on a lake tour. View large if possible.

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Post 1563: Dougy wants to know…


Insatiable curiosity, of course, is what kitties are all about. 

I took the bandages off the  **dialysis fistula buttonholes, and they were unusually bloody this time. Dougy indicated he wanted to see them. (Top photo) So, being servant to this master, I pushed them toward Dougy.

“Mmmm! Bloooood!” Dougy is thrilled!


WARNING!! What follows are graphic descriptions and videos related to dialysis for end term kidney failure!

** “dialysis fistula buttonholes” – You have to source the blood for the dialysis machine somewhere, and these two little openings in the skin to the dialysis fistula are it.

After dialysis, the needles are removed, and I sit there for 20 minutes applying pressure so I don’t bleed out through one or the other buttonhole: a scab forms and you don’t bleed to death!

Sometimes, however, the scabs areinsufficient to do the job, and continuing pressure is applied…

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