What is First Aid and Why Is It Important?

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Relieve pain and discomfort was a first aider First Aid is an important life skill. Photo via PxHere, CC0 Public Domain.

First aid is an essential skill for any human to learn because as we live our daily lives we are susceptible to a number of different illnesses and injuries. It is often at the most unexpected and most inconvenient time when an injury can occur and put us or our loved one in danger. Knowing simple first aid moves, such as CPR, how to dress a wound, and the Heimlich maneuver, can help ease someone’s discomfort and potentially save his or her life.

Being able to effectively administer first aid to those who need it is an essential life skill that more of us should have in case there ever comes a time when we need to use the skills on a loved one or a stranger. Here are a few reasons why you should be taking…

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