What to Do when your Computer Craps Out


It’s every student’s worst nightmare.

You turn on your laptop, expecting everything to be in proper working order and all you get is a blank screen – or worse, the blue screen of death. Or maybe you spilled coffee on the keyboard, or dropped your Macbook down the stairs.

However, it happened, your laptop just crapped out on you and you have assignments to complete, tests to study for, and a paper to write.

So now what?

The first thing we all do is panic. What could make more sense in a time like this? Computers are expensive to replace. Even the cheapest models cost several hundred dollars, and this can feel like thousands sucked out of your college fund and living expenses.

But at some point, you’ll have to pull yourself together and find solutions. So here are a few survival tips for that unfortunate moment, when your laptop craps…

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