5 Brilliant Ways To Care For Your Elderly Family Members

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Help older parents and other family to do chores Supporting family members as they get older. Pexels photo, CC0.

Supporting your family shows kindness and caring. You may be an excellent parent to your children, but are you also a wonderful caregiver to an elderly family member? Here are five ways you can help them during their later years.

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Fats Domino RIP 1928 – 2017

The Immortal Jukebox

There are some sentences you know you will have to write one day.

Still you hope it wont be this year or next.

So, reluctantly and with regret, I write the following sentence.

Fats Domino, Rock ‘n’ Roll Forefather has died in his 90th year.

Thinking of all the immense pleasure his music has given me and millions of others I could not let such an event pass without a full salute from The Immortal Jukebox.

I also want to pay homage to the magnificent saxophonist Herb Hardesty who died just before Christmas last year.

That’s Herb you can hear soloing on, ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ and, ‘I’m Walking’ and that’s him too playing one of the most perfect parts in all Rock ‘n’ Roll on, ‘Blue Monday’.

I am also adding what may be my all time favourite Fats track – ‘Be My Guest’.

A record which beautifully illustrated…

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