Sophie Marceau


Hunger & Poverty

Roger Bussey

victorian poor

Who would have believed
in the early part of this century,
poverty and hunger would strike
this country, with such vengeance.

We who were on track
to eradicate hunger and poverty,
a lifestyle associated with our past
would be responsible for its return.

January by Edlittle

With winter making its appearance
and temperatures plummeting,
trying to stay warm, has a cost
what a choice; food or warmth.

Families with children, and our elderly
come face to face with hardship,
with high energy bills and low income
as hunger and poverty strikes again.

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Chicken Peckin’

Roth Poetry

Chicken Pickin’

In the theory of evolution

Humans have not moved far from chickens…

Getting along fine in their flock day by day

Until one sustains an injury drawing blood.

No matter how well they resided before

They all turn on the injured member

Picking and pecking drawing even more blood…

Similar to stoning in the Biblical stories.

Injuries sustained cause a painful death.

Everything goes back to normal

As the next one awaits his fate.

A very bloody habit



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Haunted Houses, Coming Full Circle, and the Echoes of Ghost Wolves


Up the road from where I live, there is an old, abandoned house.  It sits back from the road, with overgrown shrubs obscuring the windows, a sagging front porch, a rusty metal roof, and an unlocked bulkhead that leads to what surely is an unfinished basement with a dirt floor and perhaps a tight crawlspace.  I know the bulkhead is unlocked because I tried it once.  It squeaked open without resistance, revealing a descent into darkness.  It was a descent I did not take.

The house, you see, is haunted.

Or, at least, some of the locals say it is.  And I don’t doubt them. It’s flanked by mature woodlands that encroach closer and closer with each passing year.  There are no nearby neighbors.  Rarely have I heard the birds sing when I visit the property, as if even they, on an instinctual level, detect a sense of malice and…

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