The Sagamore Resort on Lake George

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While traveling up the West Coast of Lake George, NY in the Southeastern Adirondacks, we came across the incredible, charming town of Bolton Landing. Following a small road down to the shoreline we crossed over a bridge onto an island and came across this amazing resort called “The Sagamore”.  It is a famous resort that has been entertaining guests since 1883. It was named after the American Indian character in the book Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. This resort has sweeping views of Lake George and the boats going by with mountains in the distance. Lets take a little walk around the grounds. 

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ADJUST not, nor

ACCEPT, but 


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ADJUST                 ACCEPT                 ADOPT

    GOOD                                            BETTER                                          BEST

We normally find ourselves under situations where there is a change, which demands an attitude from us. So, under such circumstances what stand do we take is so very important. There are always options left as to what further actions we are to take.

A very thin line exists between these words though they sound rather the same but they are tricky. I am therefore giving the nearest synonyms to them below.

We may ADJUST to the conditions, but we will not fully agree or have something in the…

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