Red Hot (Virgin Trains East Coast branding 2015 – )

The Beauty of Transport

In years to come, we might well look back at Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) as one of the last great branding exercises on the privatised railway. Along with Great Western Railway and TransPennine Express (which followed shortly afterwards), it represents a bookend of the truly privatised railway, at the end of a history that started with the distinctive visual identities applied at South West Trains, Midland Mainline and GNER in the late 1990s.

Twenty years later, infrastructure operator Network Rail is officially nationalised, the DfT calls the shots of the rail industry financially, several franchises are actually tightly specified concessions, and things have reached the stage where the DfT is even defining the branding of train operations. Recent franchise brandings have all featured small areas of colour applied on top of the plain all-over grey that is the DfT’s preferred option for train exteriors. The creation of “Partnership” franchises…

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Imagination makes every Human being exceptional


We have unlimited things in our world to do but only we have to imagine the world to express in our views. Every person have their own imagination. Human imagination is miraculous and unpredictable. Imagination makes everyone exceptional to the others. Without imagination any person is nothing.

What is Imagination? Imagination is sensible images of our thinking. Imagination gives the answer of that question which the person is thought about. Through their imagination the person become may be the stupid or an intelligent, it is depend on their imagination power, how long and deep they can imagine?

How to become great through the imagination? Every person in the world have equal brain, no one differ from another but mostly human beings does not knows how to imagine the world. Every person have the power to imagine but they have not any willingness to imagine. Many scientists in our world become…

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Integrity & Nobility Crowning the End for The Duchess Of Malfi (Literary Analysis)

Think Thoughts

‘Integrity of life is fame’s best friend,

Which nobly, beyond death, shall crown the end.’

Webster concludes the play with this couplet.  Where, if at all, are integrity and nobility to be found in The Duchess of Malfi?

          The given quote that concludes the play is a reference to the Duchess’s virtuosity, causing her to be remembered and highly respected, even after death. The idea of ‘crown[ing]’ the end is reminiscent of the Duchess’s self-identification as a prince, thus this quote seems to refer to her specifically. One can be described as possessing integrity and nobility if one has strong moral principles, especially the Duchess of Malfi. The Duchess’s morality is brought to attention with the comparison of her to her brothers’ morality. She is also put in situations where she willingly puts the well-being of others’ on top of…

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