Seven Day Challenge – Day 1

Images from Finchley

On Facebook I found myself nominated for a challenge. Normally I ignore challenges on Facebook. In fact I went absent from Facebook for several years because the number of ‘play my game’ requests was frankly annoying 😦 However, that problem seems to have become less prevalent. I decided to accept this challenge only because the nominator was my fellow Wingate & Finchley photographer David and I guess he has the right to stitch me up 😉 The challenge is as follows: –

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Nominate someone every day.

I have declined to nominate anyone myself as David is nominating some of the people I might have considered and I don’t really want to inflict this on my other friends.

Ok explanation over – here’s the first shot for the challenge but as this is my blog, unlike the…

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