How To Turn Around Ridership Declines:Improve Service!


By Noel T. Braymer

Recently there has been a major decline in ridership on public transportation in most of this county. Quite often Ride Sharing services have been credited with taking away business from transit buses. This has also seen increased traffic congestion on roads as bus ridership goes down and ride sharing goes up. In Los Angeles County, LA Metro buses have seen a major decline in ridership. But ridership on LA Metro’s transit rail services has been growing, mostly on the recently extended services on the Gold Line with the extension in 2016 from Pasadena to Azusa and the extension of the Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica. Nearby the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses have seen in recent years a marked decline in ridership. Yet this last year OCTA has seen major growth on many of their bus lines. How did they turn around…

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Christmas Trains — Tracking Memories Beneath the Tree

James Milson - Writing & Things

Looking back now over Christmases in my childhood, railroad trains were as integral a part and essential to the holiday itself as Santa Claus, Snickerdoodles, and Christmas trees. We are not talking 1940 as in Ralphie from ‘A Christmas Story’, but not far removed, being more early 1950’s for me, being born at the tail end of 1949.

Every year my family would devote one December Saturday for an annual pilgrimage to downtown St. Louis to see the big department store window displays with their trains running around and around, shop a bit, crane our necks up at the tall buildings, and have lunch at Miss Hullings’ Cafeteria. It was magical, at a time when all meals were made at home and “going out” was something that just wasn’t done except on rare occasion. The annual Train Window Displays certainly counted as a special occasion.

When very young, let’s just…

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Winter Prep Woes

One of these days we (me and my boss) are going to take a flight over and have a beer (or more) with you. Besides my boss wants to go to the CT Trolley Museum (he is a member). Worst case, we will fly to New York and take Metro North out to you!

No Facilities

The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be worried.

“Look at you boys, right on time today. Beer for you, what about you? Bourbon? Wine?”

“Make mine a seltzer today Cheryl.”



“Yes, seltzer. I have to finish getting my garage clean; I should probably stay sober.”

“Why didn’t you call? We could have waited an hour? Oh, and yes to that beer, Cheryl.”

“I’m not sure an hour would do the trick, I have a lot left to do.”

“Do you actually think you’re going to go home from here and do any of it?”

“One Yuengling, and one seltzer. I put it in a snifter so you could pretend. Refills are on the house.”

“Thanks Cheryl, but he’s right. I’m kidding myself about cleaning that garage tonight. I’ll have a glass of Meiomi.”

“OK, but…

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