How To Turn Around Ridership Declines:Improve Service!


By Noel T. Braymer

Recently there has been a major decline in ridership on public transportation in most of this county. Quite often Ride Sharing services have been credited with taking away business from transit buses. This has also seen increased traffic congestion on roads as bus ridership goes down and ride sharing goes up. In Los Angeles County, LA Metro buses have seen a major decline in ridership. But ridership on LA Metro’s transit rail services has been growing, mostly on the recently extended services on the Gold Line with the extension in 2016 from Pasadena to Azusa and the extension of the Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica. Nearby the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses have seen in recent years a marked decline in ridership. Yet this last year OCTA has seen major growth on many of their bus lines. How did they turn around…

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