George and Shelby Grimes were the third owners in the history of the squat two-sectioned structure originally built in 1933 by a local doctor named Palmer for his son to run as a billiards hall. The second section, a two-lane bowling alley was added soon after.

George Grimes was born in Stevensville in 1934. As a boy growing up post-World War II, George worked hand-setting duckpins in Stuart Palmer’s pool room, and he stayed on when Palmer sold the business to Earl and Grace Stevens. Dr. Theodor Sattelmaier, an esteemed Kent Island physician from Germany, was a regular customer, and in a medical emergency, patients would send their loved ones to the poolroom to find Doc Sattelmaier if he wasn’t in his office. Both George Grimes and Alvin ‘Babe’ Grollman, another Island icon who grew up in the era, told me that Doc bowled so enthusiastically, he would routinely knock out…

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Thursday Doors – New York Library

No Facilities

Faith in the Library – 2001

On a recent trip to New York City, I left my hotel with more than enough time to walk to the Javits Center. Of course, my plan was to turn the utilitarian walk to a conference into a mini-doorscursion. Since I’ve walked from this hotel to that venue at least twice in recent years, I was trying to take a different route. I headed west, and I soon found myself on 5th Avenue staring at the New York Public Library’s main branch. I had plenty of time, so I decided to go inside.

As a result, I have a post dedicated to a single magnificent building that many people might only recognize from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and the many other movies and TV shows in which the library has appeared.

Rather than risk making a poor attempt at summarizing everything…

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