Les fêtes approchent à grands pas,


que dis-je? à énormes pas, et certain(e)s se posent, chaque année les mêmes et  mêmes questions:


  • Quel menu?


  • Quels cadeaux?


  • Quelle tenue?


Moi, sincèrement, je l’ignore, tout ce que je sais c’est qu’avec toute la violence qui nous entoure, j’ai décidé d’arrêter un peu toutes ces séries qui traitent de thèmes effroyables, difficiles et macabres pour m’adonner à toutes ces petites séries/films de Noël qui nous permettent de nous évader le temps qu’ils durent et de penser à un monde ou tout ne serait qu’amour, miracles de Noël, richesse et que sais-je encore…


et, pour continuer dans ce même élan de joie, bonheur, magie, je viens partager avec vous ce look qui pourrait très bien convenir à toutes ces fêtes à venir mais déjà si proches …


J’ose donc espérer qu’il vous plaira et peut être même vous inspirera


Je ne pense pas qu’il…

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Out on a Limb: Sexual Harassment, Race, and the Unsinkable Mr. Trump


Mixed feelings on sexual harassment in the news stories of the day. It’s good to see those who routinely harass getting caught and going down in greater numbers. But I do worry about a loss of perspective. If there are 50 million married couples in the US, and you asked how many started with (a) venturing a kiss in the hopes that it would be reciprocal, or (b) asking permission for a kiss, I’m guessing that at least 49 million would say (a). By today’s standards, that means 49 million marriages started with an act of sexual harrassment. Similarly, by the standards of California’s “yes means yes” law, I believe every sex act I’ve ever had would be a rape, since I never explicitly asked or received a verbal permission. In fact, since I align with 1960s feminists (who proclaim for women equal strength and agency with men) more than…

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​Perfect Blogger tips

Life lessons

DO YOU. We always hear these magic words all the time but if you go through my blog posts likethis one you’ll see these words from a whole new point of view. Getting the views that I get and considering I just started blogging three days ago on the free plan, I think that I know a thing or two about being a perfect blogger.

If You want to post articles that will touch people’s souls you got to get personal. If you know that you ain’t willing to honestly talk about something that you went through just not to look ‘weak’ or something, you won’t touch someone’s soul at all and that’s bad for your blog.

BE YOU. After watching my first YouTube video, I felt ashamed of myself. I looked stupid, but after reshooting the videoagainI felt proudof myself. I liked it, and noticed that…

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